He Pushed Me Away | Why Men Push Women Away

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He Pushed Me Away | Why Men Push Women Away

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Coach Adrian had a relationship coaching session with a client the other week where his client relayed to him, “He pushed me away. He pushed me away and made it impossible for me to love him.” Coach Adrian and his client started to explore the notion of why men push women away.

After a private relationship coaching session, Coach Adrian’s client was completely transformed. She understood why this man pushed her away and she felt empowered to make things right. She clearly saw what she had to do to get her ex boyfriend back, and build a healthier relationship.

Today’s video is inspired by this client and talks about why men push women away and what you should do if your man has pushed you away. If you’re saying, “He pushed me away,” today’s video is just for you!

If you’re watching this video saying, “He pushed me away”, in many cases, men push women away when they feel either insecure or guilty. They feel insecure or threatened by their woman, perhaps, because you are more established professionally than he is. Perhaps he doesn’t feel good enough for you or has existential issues and have not been able to live up to their potential.

Despite the fact that he loves you, he feels compelled to push you away because you remind them that they are not where they are supposed to be. This is sad, but things can be done to make things right.

Men push women away other times because they feel guilty. Perhaps they cheated, or were not able to live out their end of the relationship, or they changed and they don’t have the courage to end the relationship. They instead sabotage so that you end the relationship and they can walk away with a clear conscience.

A healthy relationship, however, is possible after your ex boyfriend pushes you away. The first step is to not blame yourself. If it was truly your fault, acknowledge it, apologize, and move forward. Don’t drive yourself crazy. You can’t attract someone if you are unable to inspire them and display confidence.

If he pushed you away, the key is to remember that you are the prize. You cannot chase this man. He needs to realize his mistakes and that life without you is not what he thought it could be. Do not lower your standards, do not lower your expectations. On the contrary, raise your expectations, and be willing and happy to walk away until this man acknowledges his short-comings and gives you the treatment and respect you deserve.


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